Anne Mattish works the booth during the Classic Vintage Motorcycle Show held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on March 27.  Posters are available for purchase.

The End

1982: Mike Sargent

1974: Last lap – Nick Rescino (1), Howard Kaeding (3)

and Johnny Brazil

San Jose Speedway


1978 Johnny Brazil wins Johnny Key Classic
1973: Earl Kelly


San Jose Hall of Fame racer Joe Leonard (left) was at Hot San Jose Nights signing books for race fans. Leonard wrote the Foreword for History of San Jose Auto Racing 1903-2007.He also drove the  Goularte Brothers Hardtop (background) to  victory over Al Pombo at San Jose Speedway  on opening day 1964.

1978: The end

Sam Emery (55) and Bob Blake (4) impact wall and steering wheels

1985: Mark Sargent
Dennis Mattish Photos (left)  provided photos  for the book CANDLESTICK PARK  by Ted Atlas (center). Mercury News  columnist Mark Purdy (right) wrote the foreword for the book. The book devotes a page to the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Racing Series held in the stadium during 1993. Photo was take at Ted's book launch party on December 11, 2010.
Setup for the Hot San Jose Nights Car Show held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds July  9-11, 2010.Tony and Anthony Goularte's  1963 NASCAR Hardtop was part of the History of San Jose Auto Racing display.

1977: Opening day

Jimmy Sills signs the master copy of History of San Jose Auto Racing during the NorCal Racing Expo held in Vallejo on February 27. Jimmy is one of over twenty drivers who has signed the book so far.

Stop by our table and bench race next time Anne and I are at Ocean Speedway.

1972: Golden State Classic


History San Jose President & CEO Alida Bray was presented with a copy ofHistory of San Jose Auto Racing 1903–2007. History San Jose contributed to three different chapters in the book. The presentation took place at the Classic Vintage Motorcycle Show held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on March 27.
Joe Leonard (left)) proudly displays one of his many championship rings. This one was for winning the 1971 USAC National Indianapolis Car Championship. It was an  honor for this author (right)  to have Joe Leonard as a guest during the show.

Historian/promoter  Ken Clapp  (left) was a contributor to History of San Jose Auto Racing 1903-2007.